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Table 1 Walkability categories within the audit tool

From: Developing and testing a street audit tool using Google Street View to measure environmental supportiveness for physical activity

Category Factors Levels
Pavement width and obstructions Pavement width (metres) >3; 2–3; 1–2; <1; no pavement
Street furniture placement Aligned to side; poorly placed; N/A*
Presence of cars parked on the pavement No cars on pavement; cars on pavement; N/A
Pavement surface quality Pavement trip hazards No obvious trip hazards; some trip hazards; N/A
Pavement surface consistency Consistent; inconsistent; N/A
Reinstatements in pavement surface Not obvious; obvious; N/A
Kerb paving quality Presence of tactile paving at kerbs All crossings; >50% of crossings; 50% of crossings; <50% of crossings; no tactile paving; N/A
Presence of dropped kerbs All crossings; >50% of crossings; 50% of crossings; <50% of crossings; no dropped kerbs; N/A
Road permeability Road width (metres) Pedestrianised street; shared surface street; <6; 6–10; >10
Obstructions to crossing No guardrails or parked cars; <50%; 50%; >50%
Availability of designated crossing points Quiet residential street; 2+ crossings; 1 crossing; no crossings; N/A
Way finding and legibility Presence of street name signage All street names present; >50%; 50%; <50%; none
Presence of other pedestrian signage Additional signage; no additional signage
Presence of landmarks Landmarks; no landmarks
Lighting Presence of street lighting Focussed on pavement; focussed on carriageway; no lighting
Spacing of street lighting (metres) 20-30; 30–50; >50; N/A
Likelihood of overnight lighting from nearby buildings Shop fronts likely to provide light; not likely
Personal security Evidence of vandalism or graffiti No evidence; some evidence
Presence of closed circuit television surveillance Yes; No
Informal surveillance from nearby housing Yes; No
User conflict Obstruction from bus queues Yes; No
Separation between cyclists and pedestrians Yes; No
Presence of traffic calming measures Yes; No
Environment quality Quality of housing High quality frontages; low quality frontages
Presence of trees Yes; No
Street maintenance Clean and well maintained; some litter; some litter and graffiti
  1. * N/A, Not Applicable because there was no pavement.