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Table 5 Sample intermediate variable from the intermediate variable table using in Move More for Life

From: Theory-and evidence-based development and process evaluation of the Move More for Lifeprogram: a tailored-print intervention designed to promote physical activity among post-treatment breast cancer survivors

Variable name Description Formulas
I_PA1.AR.Guid_modvig Whether or not participants are meeting the aerobic guidelines of 30 minutes a day over 5 sessions at baseline (accounting for additional benefit of vigorous activity): IF (R_PA1.AR.ST_Sess + R_PA1.AR.Mo_Sess < 5) AND (R_PA1.AR.ST_Min (x2) + R_PA1.AR.Mo_Min ≤ 150 THEN 1
(1)Not meeting the guidelines ELSE IF R_PA1.AR.ST_Sess + R_PA1.AR.Mo_Sess ≥ 5) AND (R_PA1.AR.ST_Min (x2) + R_PA1.AR.Mo_Min ≥ 150 THEN 2
  (2)Meeting the guidelines