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Table 5 Dietary evaluation summary of interventions to improve Men’s nutritional and weight-loss outcomes - Effectiveness table

From: A review of the nature and effectiveness of nutrition interventions in adult males – a guide for intervention strategies

Study Weight status/lipid studies/BP Nutritional determinants Nutrition Intake Intervention Effectiveness
Arao et al. (2007) BMI Dietary control × Fat intake (serves) × YES
  Lipid studies    Fruit intake (serves) ×  
  Blood Pressure(mmHg)    Vegetable intake (serves) ×  
  Blood glucose      
Booth et al. (2008) Body Weight (kg) × -   Fat intake (serves) YES
  BMI ×    Fruit intake (serves)  
  Blood Pressure(mmHg)    Dairy intake (serves)  
Braekman et al. (1999) BMI × Nutrition knowledge Total Energy and macronutrient intake YES
  Lipid studies (HDL)      
Leslie et al. (2002) Height (cm) × Dietary practices monitored through dietary × Total energy intake × NO
  Body Weight (kg) × targets monitor     
  Waist Circumference (cm) ×      
  Lipid studies ×      
Morgan (2009, 2011c) SHED-IT Body Weight (kg) × Dietary knowledge and belief cognitions × Total energy intake × NO
  BMI × Quality of Life & general health measures ×    
  WC (CM) × Frequency of take-away food consumption ×    
  BP (mmHg) × & eating while watching TV     
Morgan et al. (2011a) HDHK [fathers] Weight (kg) Social support na Total energy intake × YES
  BMI Intentions     
  WC Self-efficacy     
  BP Outcome expectations     
Morgan et al. (2011b) POWER Body Weight (kg) Dietary patterns Dietary behaviours - Sweetened beverages (Serves). YES
  BMI Dietary cognitions.    
Pritchard et al. (1997) Body Weight (kg) -   Energy intake (kcal) × YES
  Fat Mass    Percentage dietary fat ×  
Tilley et al. (1999, 1997) -   -   Total Fat (% Energy) YES
      Fibre intake (g/1000kj)  
      Fruit & Vegetable intakes (Serves)  
  1. Note: = Significant between group difference identified (See table one) ; × = NO statistically significant change between intervention vs control identified.