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Table 2 Antenatal and postnatal diet (desired outcome 1) example of mapping determinant areas, barriers, change objectives, performance objectives and constructs

From: Using intervention mapping to develop a culturally appropriate intervention to prevent childhood obesity: the HAPPY (Healthy and Active Parenting Programme for Early Years) study

Determinant area Barriers Change objectives Performance objectives Constructs
Skills Do not know how to cook a meal from scratch Develops ability to cook a meal from scratch PO3, PO4 - Skills, competence
- Does target group know how to do x?     - Skills, assessment
     - Practice
     - Skill development
Motivation and goals No motivation to eat healthily Increases motivation to eat healthily PO3, PO4, PO5 - Intention/certainty of intention
- How much does target group want to do x?     - Intrinsic motivation
     - Commitment, stability of intention