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Table 4 Revised DPAQ items retained following CFA (study 2)

From: Development and initial validation of the determinants of physical activity questionnaire

Determinant area Items retained
Knowledge 1. I know what the recommended levels of physical activity are (Kn1) *
2. I DO NOT know the reasons why I should be meeting the nationally recommended PA guidelines (Kn2) *
3. I have NOT previously read information about the current nationally recommended PA guidelines (Kn3) *
Environmental context and resources 1. Facilities are available to help me to do physical activity (En1) *
2. There is NO WHERE to do physical activity near me (En2) *
3. My local area is NOT very attractive and this puts me off doing physical activity (En4) **
Motivation and goals 1. I want to do physical activity (Mg1) *
2. I CANNOT be bothered to do physical activity (Mg2) *
3. I feel motivated to do physical activity (Mg3) *
Beliefs about capabilities 1. I DO NOT feel confident when doing physical activity (Bcap1) *
2. Doing physical activity makes me feel embarrassed (Bcap2) *
3. I FIND IT HARD to do physical activity when I see others doing well at physical activity (e.g. watching others run for a long time on the treadmill) (Bcap3) *
Skills 1. I can do physical activity to a good enough standard (Sk4) *
2. I’ve NEVER really had sports skills so I DON’T do physical activity (Sk5) **
3. I don’t seem to have the skills to keep going in physical activity sessions (Sk6) **
Emotion 1. Daily life is too stressful for physical activity (Em4) **
2. I have too many negative emotions which prevent me from doing physical activity (Em5) **
3. When I think about doing physical activity, I start to worry (Em6) **
Social influences 1. My friends DON’T support or encourage my physical activity (Si3)**
2. The people I spend my free time with don’t do physical activity (Si6) **
3. I DON’T have anyone to do physical activity with (Si7)**
Beliefs about consequences 1. If I do PA, it will benefit me in the short term (e.g. burn calories, sleep better etc.) (Bco1)*
2. If I do PA it will benefit me in the long term (e.g. live longer, lose weight etc.) (Bco2)*
3. I think physical activity will change my life for the better (Bcon4) **
Action planning 1. I tend to plan where my PA will happen (e.g. at the park, leisure centre etc.) (Ap2)*
2. I do not tend to plan when my PA will happen (e.g. Monday at 6pm etc.) (Ap3)*
3. I tend to plan how my PA will happen (e.g. how to get there, kit needed etc.) (Ap4)*
4. I do not tend to plan what type of PA I will do (e.g. aerobics class, walking to work, session at the gym etc.) (Ap5)*
Coping planning 1. I know what to do in difficult situations in order to make sure I do the physical activity I have planned (Cp2) **
2. I get easily distracted from the physical activity I have planned (Cp5) **
3. I always work around obstacles to physical activity; nothing really stops me (Cp6) **
Goal conflict 1. I WOULD NOT be prepared to give up work ambitions to do physical activity (Gc1) *
  2. I would be prepared to give up things I usually do in my leisure time for physical activity (Gc2) *
  3. I WOULD NOT be prepared to give up spending time with my friends for physical activity (Gc3) *
  1. * Items from the original DPAQ version.
  2. ** Items added after CFA undertaken in Study 1 and tested and Study 2.