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Table 1 Variables measured in the consumer nutrition environment tool

From: Measuring the healthfulness of food retail stores: variations by store type and neighbourhood deprivation

  Variable Definition Measurement scale
I Variety The number of different choices within a product range based on: product flavour, product size, fair trade/ organic range or no-name/low-cost range Not available, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+
II Price Price of the cheapest item, £ per portion, for each product Pound sterling per portion
III Promotions Whether or not the product category was on price promotion Yes/ no
IV Shelf placement Where on the shelf the cheapest item for each product was placed Bottom shelf, other, prominent (eye-level)
V Store placement Which part of the store the cheapest item for each product was placed Inconspicuous, noticeable, prominent
VI Quality Level of quality of the two fruit and four vegetables Poor, medium, good [18]
VII Healthier alternative Whether or not a healthier option was available for less healthy products Yes/ no
VIII Nutrition information The type of nutrition information available on the cheapest item for each product None, other a , back-of-pack, front & back of pack
IX Single fruit sale Whether or not single sale of the two fruit measured was possible Yes/ no
  1. a For example recipe card.