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Table 2 Retail food outlet categorisation system

From: Measuring the healthfulness of food retail stores: variations by store type and neighbourhood deprivation

Code Store type Description Examples
0 Premium supermarket 5+ manned cash registers Waitrose, M&S
Promoted as offering highest quality goods and service
1 Large supermarket 5+ manned cash registers Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons
All foods & many varieties
Majority of supermarket share
2 Discount supermarket 5+ manned cash registers Aldi, Lidl, Iceland, Netto, Kwiksave
Heavily promoted as low price stores
3 Small supermarket 1-4 manned cash registers Tesco express, Co-op, Sainsburys local
Smaller store of known brand name
4 ‘World’ store 1-4 manned cash registers Asian supermarkets, Polish supermarkets, World foods
Products for specific ethnicities
5 Convenience store 1-4 manned cash registers Spar, OneStop, MACE, Independent stores
Limited number of products
Independents & ‘symbols’a
6 Petrol station store Sell petrol/diesel Shell Select, Tesco petrol station, BP, M&S
Includes small supermarkets that sell petrol
  1. a ‘Symbol’ convenience stores are affiliated with a symbol group brand such as OneStop and Spar.