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Table 1 Feeding items by Chan, Magarey and Daniels [44and Satter [45, 46]

From: The feeding practices and structure questionnaire: construction and initial validation in a sample of Australian first-time mothers and their 2-year olds

Item Response options
By Chan, Magarey and Daniels  
My child eats main meals with the rest of the family. (1) A lot of the time
My child eats the same meals as the rest of the family. (2) Very often
My child sits down when having meals. (3) Often
My child watches television when having meals. (4) Sometimes
I cook separate meals for my child. (5) Hardly ever
When your child refuses food they usually eat, do you… (1) Never
…insist your child eats it? (2) Not often
…offer another food that (s)he usually likes? (3) Sometimes
…encourage to eat by turning mealtime into a game (e.g., pretending loaded spoon is an aeroplane)? (4) Often
(5) Most of the time
…encourage to eat by offering a food reward (e.g., dessert)?
…encourage to eat by offering a reward other than food?
…offer no food until next usual meal or snack time?
…accept that your child may not be hungry and take the food away?
…punish your child in some way?*
By Satter  
Who decides what food your child eats–you or your child? (1) You only
Who decides how much food your child eats–you or your child? (2) Mostly you
(3) You & your child equally
(4) Mostly your child
(5) Your child only
  1. *This item was added to the NOURISH questionnaire and not originally developed in Chan et al. [44].