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Table 2 Examples of open-ended questions used to prompt maternal narratives about feeding their children

From: Associations between maternal depressive symptoms and child feeding practices in a cross-sectional study of low-income mothers and their young children

Question Follow-up question
How do people in your house usually eat their meals on a typical day? About mealtime, what works well and what does not?
Can you describe yesterday’s dinner? And thinking about the dinner that you just described, how did you feel about it?
How do you know if [child name] is growing appropriately? When do you seek advice on how to feed [child name]?
Do you ever worry that [child name] doesn’t or might not eat enough?  
Do you ever worry that [child name] does or might eat too much?  
Do you ever worry about the kinds of foods [child name] eats?  
How were you fed when you were growing up? Thinking about how you were fed growing up, do you see similarities or differences to your own way of feeding your kids?
In your opinion, what causes a child to be overweight?  
Can you help me brainstorm some things parents can do to keep their children from becoming overweight? Do you do any of these things?
What advice do you have for other parents about how to best feed their kids?