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Table 1 Dimensions of Compatibility between the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (“Foundation”) and the Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living (“Center”) as adapted from Kraak & Story [9]

From: Research contributions on childhood obesity from a public-private partnership

Dimension of Compatibility



1. Mission

Improving the lives of children living in poverty

Healthy children in a healthy world

2. Resources

Financial, business resources

Researchers and students, grant funding

3. Management

Health leader with MD, MPH and trained in public policy

Executive Committee with training in nutrition, physical activity, kinesiology, and behavioral sciences

4. Workforce

Strong worksite health promotion program

Center is housed in School of Public Health with faculty and students who have a health promotion orientation

5. Target market

Low income and underserved youth

Youth and their parents, schools, and communities, with a focus on economically disadvantaged populations

6. Product

Efforts to reduce childhood obesity

Research on methods to understand and reduce childhood obesity, translation of the research into usable products, dissemination of best practices

7. Cultural fit

Value children’s health world-wide

Value healthy children in healthy environments and communities

8. Evaluation

Milestones are negotiated on a yearly basis

Reports provide details on milestones on a 6-month basis