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Table 5 Competitive food environment (2004–2005) in the largest school district in each state & D.C.

From: Report card on school snack food policies among the United States' largest school districts in 2004–2005: Room for improvement

District competitive food restrictions and allowances Number Percent (N = 51)
School districts that prohibit soda sales at all schools 12 24%
Districts that allow soda vending in elementary schools 7 14%
Districts that allow soda vending in middle schools 31 61%
Districts that allow soda vending in high schools 38 75%
School districts using branded fast food vendors in à la carte sales that do not
meet USDA nutritional guidelines for school lunch (such as Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and/or McDonald's)
3 6%
District-wide exclusive contracts for beverage vending 15 29%