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Figure 2 | International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

Figure 2

From: Relationship between objective measures of physical activity and weather: a longitudinal study

Figure 2

Effect of weather elements on physical activity determined from multivariable analysis. (A) Effect of total rain, an increase in temperature of 10°C and an increase of 10 cm in accumulated (accum.) snow on the ground on steps/day of an individual with a usual activity of 10,000 steps/day. No interaction with either BMI or gender was detected in multivariable analysis. (B) Percent change in steps/day of males and females, segregated into lean (BMI = 20 kg/m2), obese Class I (BMI = 30 kg/m2), or obese Class II (BMI = 35 kg/m2), in response to 10 cm snowfall in a 24 h period. Data are means ± 95% CI and *p < 0.05 or better.

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