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Table 8 Salient Circumstances Hindering Participation in Physical Activity

From: Psychosocial factors underlying physical activity

Salient Circumstances that Hinder Percent Mentioning (%)
Having too many assignments 48.4
   Busy study schedule  
   Too much assignment  
   Bad academic scores  
   Before exam  
   It take long time to work on assignment  
   Have too much extra courses on weekend  
Not having enough time 18.8
   Time is tight  
   No time  
   Waste time  
   It is very late when class is over  
   Have something else to do  
   Class teacher taking up the time  
Having bad weather 18.1
   Bad weather  
   Windy, rainy outside  
   Snow, raining  
   Air is polluted  
   Cloudy, raining  
   It is hot  
Being tired, sick, or too fat 17.4
   Obese, or have a lot of fat  
   Being sick  
   Feel hungry  
   My body can't stand it.  
   No energy  
Having nobody to go with 6.5
   My parents don't have time to take me to do physical activity  
   Nobody go with me  
Disapproval from others 5.2
   My parents don't agree  
   I, myself don't approve  
   Classmates don't agree  
   School don't agree  
Not being willing 5.2
   Don't want to do physical activity  
   Don't want to  
Being in a bad mood 5.1
   Don't have mood  
   Teacher criticize me, so that I don't have a good mood  
   Bad mood  
Having no court or facility 5.1
   Don't have facility  
   Don't have court  
   Society is messy  
   More car in cities  
   Insufficiency of facility  
Having TV, computer games, and other things to do instead 4.5
   Good game to play  
   Play computer  
   Watching TV  
   Have good movie  
Having activities that are not fun or too hard 3.2
   Activity is too vigorous  
   Don't have fun activity to play  
   Boring activity