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Table 1 Exclusion Criteria

From: Does parenting affect children's eating and weight status?

1. Not written in English
2. Is not empirical research published in a peer-reviewed journal or edited book
3. Did not address influence of parenting on child outcomes (or vice versa)
4. Did not include measures of both parenting and child eating and/or weight
5. Did not use human participants
6. Addressed parent influence on child dieting and/or weight loss
7. Addressed parent influence on clinical eating or weight problems
8. Addressed infant feeding practices of children less than 12 months of age1
9. Addressed parent influence on adolescent2 eating and weight status
  1. 1 Because many aspects of infant feeding practices are qualitatively different from feeding practices of older children, it was decided that inclusion of the infant feeding literature was beyond the scope of this review and would warrant a separate review paper.
  2. 2 Adolescence was defined as mean sample age over 12 years.