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Table 4 Relationships between the nutritional home environment and children's intake of fat from dairy products (n = 276) (ANOVA used for categorical variables and Pearson correlation for continuous variables).

From: Relationships between the home environment and physical activity and dietary patterns of preschool children: a cross-sectional study

Descriptive Construct Nutritional Home Environment Item Children's Dietary Patterns Mean Fat in Dairy Products score (range = 3–20) p value
   Frequently Sometimes Occasionally Rarely/Never  
Parental behaviours associated with food Reward good behaviour with food 4.8a 4.0a 3.1a 3.7a 0.04
  Restrict second helpings 1.3a 3.2a 2.9a 3.9a 0.04
   0–1.9 l 2–2.9 l 3–3.9 l ≥4 l  
Availability of food in home Amount of fruit juice in home 3.5a 4.6b 3.2ab 3.5ab 0.02
   Full fat Reduced fat Mixed (reduced fat/low fat) Low fat  
  Type of dairy in home 4.1a 1.9b 3.8a 2.3ab <0.001
  Number of snacks per day 2.9 ± 1.15 (0–8) snacks per day [r = 0.16c] 0.008
  1. a,b Superscripts indicate which categories show a statistically significant difference using Bonferroni correction: same letter indicates no difference, different letter indicates a difference.
  2. c Pearson Correlation coefficient.