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Table 6 Relationships between the nutritional home environment and children's intake of non-core foods (n = 272) (ANOVA used for categorical variables and Pearson correlation for continuous variables).

From: Relationships between the home environment and physical activity and dietary patterns of preschool children: a cross-sectional study

Descriptive Construct Nutritional Home Environment Item Children's Dietary Patterns Mean Non-core Foods score (range = 2–43) p value
   Frequently Sometimes Occasionally Rarely/Never  
Parental behaviours associated with food Give child food 'treats' 19.7a 21.4a 19.0a 17.1a 0.03
  Other carers give child food 'treats' 19.1a 23.4b 19.5a 18.1a 0.001
  Offer food rewards/incentives to eat main meals 19.4ab 22.1a 19.7ab 18.6b 0.04
  Restrict fruit juice 17.7a 21.9b 19.3ab 20.8b 0.007
  Restrict high fat/sugar snack foods 18.3a 21.5b 22.7b 20.2ab 0.003
  Restrict carbonated drink/cordial 18.3a 23.4b 21.5ab 18.5a <0.001
  Snacks allowed to be eaten in front of TV 22.0a 19.9ab 18.2b 17.7b 0.006
  Other meals allowed to be eaten in front of TV 21.1a 19.7ab 22.1a 17.5b 0.002
  Child helps prepare food 18.1a 19.7a 18.8ab 23.5b 0.004
Availability of food in home Take-away food purchased 21.5a 20.5a 20.2a 15.5b 0.005
   0–99 grams 100–299 grams 300–699 grams ≥700 grams  
  Amount of chips, snack savoury biscuits, salted nuts in home 17.5a 19.1ab 19.8ab 21.7b 0.01
   0–119 grams 120–399 grams 400–799 grams ≥800 grams  
  Amount of lollies, sweets, chocolates in home 18.0a 18.6ac 22.3bc 22.8b <0.001
   0 boxes 0.5 boxes 1–2 boxes >2 boxes  
  Amount of muesli bars/breakfast bars in home 17.4a 19.7ab 21.6b 21.6b 0.001
   0–139 grams 140–499 grams 500–999 grams ≥1000 grams  
  Amount of cake/biscuits in home 17.2a 18.9ac 21.6bc 23.3b <0.001
  Number of snacks per day 2.9 ± 1.15 (0–8) snacks per day [r = 0.23d] <0.001
  1. a,b,c Superscripts indicate which categories show a statistically significant difference using Bonferroni correction: same letter indicates no difference, different letter indicates a difference.
  2. d Pearson correlation coefficient