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Table 1 Activities in the Shape up for Life program

From: Self-management for obesity and cardio-metabolic fitness: Description and evaluation of the lifestyle modification program of a randomised controlled trial

Dietary topic Activity description
Healthy eating & Energy Balance Introduction to healthy eating – variety, quality; Balancing energy intake with expenditure; Energy and Nutrient density of food; Barriers to eating healthily (food triggers), problem solve common issues
Glycemic index (GI) Background; Using GI for choosing better quality CHO; Reducing refined CHO
Food labels Judging food quality; Identifying low fat/low sugar options based upon 1) nutrition info panel 2) ingredients list 3) nutrition claims
Fats Recommended saturated fat intake; Types of fat; Choosing better quality fats, Benefits of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and plant sterols
Carbohydrate & Fibre Benefits of fibre; Disadvantages of low CHO/low fibre intake; Increasing fibre
Salt Disadvantages of salt; Recommended sodium intake; Food sources; Brainstorm alternatives for flavouring food without salt
Shopping tips Healthy eating on a budget
Refresher: GI, Fat & Salt Recap and feedback on GI/CHO-Fat-Salt; What barriers participants have found, problem-solve common issues
Food variety Importance of variety; Food variety checklist (Nutrition Australia fact sheet)
Takeaway food Disadvantages of excess takeaway; Brainstorm alternatives
Alcohol & Caffeine Disadvantages of excess alcohol & caffeine; Brainstorm alternatives
Supermarket 'secrets' Judging quality, price and processing of food
Physical activity topic Activity description
Exercise & Energy Balance Introduction to exercise – Endurance, Resistance, Flexibility; Using pedometer and physical activity diary
Endurance exercise1 Moderate intensity exercise; FIT formula (Frequency, Intensity, Time); monitoring exercise intensity (Talk-test, RPE, HR)
Resistance training1 Benefits of strength training; Common questions; Using resistance bands
Flexibility exercise Importance of stretching; How to stretch safely and effectively
Endurance exercise2 Recap and Feedback on exercise; Increasing variety by adding to FITT formula (Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type)
Resistance training2 Benefits of building lean tissue; How to lift safely and effectively