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Table 1 Description of the psychosocial variables and psychometric values

From: Understanding physical activity intentions among French Canadians with type 2 diabetes: an extension of Ajzen's theory of planned behaviour

Variables Seven-point scales Internal consistency* Test-retest reliability†
Intention   0.76 0.80
- I intend to participate ... Very unlikely/very likely   
- My plans are to participate regularly ... Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
- I estimate that my chances to participate ... Extremely weak/extremely good   
Attitude   0.93 0.64
I think that participating ... would be ... Very tiresome/very stimulating   
  Very unenjoyable/very enjoyable   
  Very dull/very interesting   
  Very unpleasant/Very pleasant   
  Very bad/very good   
  Very useless/very useful   
  Very Disadvantageous/
very advantageous
  Very harmful/very beneficial   
Subjective norm   0.83 0.59
- People who are important to me would recommend me to participate ... Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
- People who are important to me thing I should participate ... Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
- If you had participate ..., people who are important to you would ... Strongly disapprove/
strongly approve
Perceived behavioural control   0.86 0.89
- I feel capable to participate ... Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
- I am confident that I could ... Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
- It is completely up to me whether I participate ... Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
- I am going to have the freedom to participate ... Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
- For me, participating ... Very difficult/very easy   
- How much control do you feel you have over the fact of participating ... No control at all/complete control   
Behavioural beliefs (ten items)   0.79 0.49
- If I had participated ..., I would control better my diabetes Very unlikely/very likely   
Normative beliefs (five items)   0.82 0.73
- My physician would disapprove-approve that I participate ... Strongly disapprove/
strongly approve
Control beliefs (six items)   0.86 0.78
- If I had a lack of access to facilities, I would participate ... Very unlikely/very likely   
Anticipated regret   0.86 0.32
- If I did not participate ..., I would regret it/It would preoccupied me/It would worry me Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
Moral Norm   0.77‡ 0.43
- It is in my principles to participate ... Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
- I would fell guilty about not to participate ... Strongly disagree/strongly agree   
Descriptive norm    
- According to you, what proportion of individuals with diabetes participate...? 0% to 10%, 11% to 20%, 21% to 29%, etc. - 0.66
  1. Note. Internal consistency was reported as * Cronbach's alpha coefficient for variables of 3 items or more and ‡ Spearman's correlation coefficient for variables of 2 items. † = Intraclass correlation coefficient.