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Table 1 Description of targeted food categories for receipt coding

From: Annotated receipts capture household food purchases from a broad range of sources

  Example Items
Food Category Home Eating-Out
Fruits and Vegetables   
Fruits Apples (2 lbs) Apple slices (4 oz)
Vegetables (not potatoes)   
   Fried Onion rings (frozen 1 lb) Onion rings (3 oz)
   Not fried Broccoli (fresh 1 lb) Green side salad
   Fried French fries (frozen 1 lb) French fries (6 oz)
   Not fried Raw white potatoes (5 lb) Mashed potatoes (4 oz)
Snacks and Sweets   
Snacks Corn chips (16 oz) Corn chips (5 oz)
Sweets Doughnut (1 lb) Doughnut (2 oz)
Entrées and Sides   
Prepackaged Entrée   
   Less than 500 calories Frozen pasta entrée (single serving 10 oz) NA
   500 calories or more Frozen pizza (20 oz) NA
Entrée-eating out NA Cheeseburger; burrito
Side foods NA Refried beans; coleslaw
Non-caloric beverages Bottled water (1 L) Diet cola (16 oz)
Sugar-sweetened beverages Carbonated sweetened cola (1 L) Carbonated sweetened cola (16 oz)
Fruit/Vegetable juice 100% orange juice (1 L) 100% orange juice (16 oz)
Alcoholic beverages NA Beer (1 pint)
Specialty beverages NA Milkshake (20 oz)
   Frappuccino (20 oz)
  1. NOTE: Home NA categories are NOT used for coding home items. Eating-out NA categories are NOT used for coding eating out items.