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Table 1 Description of questionnaire items/constructs

From: Validation of a maternal questionnaire on correlates of physical activity in preschool children

Name of variable/group of variables1 No. of items Description/abbreviated questions1
Child personal factors
Personality 4 Would you describe your child as: physically active; restless; well-behaved; inquisitive/outgoing (strongly disagree to strongly agree).
Enjoyment of physical activity 1 Agreement with: my child enjoys being physically active (strongly disagree to strongly agree).
Preference for physical activity 3 Does your child prefer to: play indoors or play outdoors; play with toys or watch TV; watch TV or play a running a game with siblings or friends.
Parental support   
Parental support 5 How often (never to very often) do you or your partner: encourage child to do PA; do PA with child; provide transport so child can go somewhere to do PA; watch child participate in PA; tell child PA is good for health?
Maternal self-efficacy for social support 7 Agreement (strongly disagree to strongly agree) with: I think it is difficult to: encourage child to go outside and play; encourage child to play active game instead of watching TV; play active game with child on a busy day; take child out to play when it's cold and wet; take child out to play when it's hot; play active game with child at the weekend; play active game with child when tired.
Parental rules & restrictions
Parental rules 7 How often (never to very often) do you or your partner apply the following rules: not allowed to watch TV at meal times; go to bed at a set time; not allowed to play ball games in house; not allowed to eat snacks while watching TV; not allowed to play in playground without adult supervision; not allowed to run or cycle in house; not allowed to play in garden without adult supervision.
Parental restrictions 4 How often (never to very often) do you or your partner restrict the time child spends: watching TV/video; playing computer games; playing outside; using computer.
Maternal attitudes & perceptions
Importance of child PA 1 Agreement with: I think it is important that my child participates in PA (strongly disagree to strongly agree).
Concern about TV watching 1 Agreement with: I am concerned about the amount of TV my child watches (strongly disagree to strongly agree).
PA compared to siblings 1 Compared to your other child(ren), would you say that your 4-year-old is: as active, more active, less active, not applicable (no other children).
PA compared to peers 1 Compared with children the same age and sex, would you say that your child is: generally less active; similarly active; generally more active.
Barriers to physical activity
Perceived barriers 10 How often (never to very often) is child's PA limited due to: fees for clubs/swimming pools being too high; difficult to get to PA places; child lacks skills to do PA; child not interested in doing PA; weather is too bad; too busy; scared child will get hurt; no playgrounds near home; no other children to play with; no adult to supervise child whilst playing.
Home environment
Household composition 4 How many children younger and older than 4-year-old live at home; do you live with the father of your 4-year-old; are there any other adults living in your home.
TV/PC in bedroom 3 Does child have: TV; video/DVD player; computer in bedroom (yes/no).
Car ownership 1 Does household have any cars/vans available for use (yes/no).
Local environment
Perceived local environment 8 Agreement (strongly disagree to agree) with: heavy traffic on local streets; concerned about strangers; somewhere at home where child can go out and play; concerned about road safety; public transport is limited; playgrounds close to home where child can play; playgrounds at child's nursery; other children near home who child can play with.
Day care 1 Does child attend day care, nursery or preschool (yes, full time; yes, part time; no, he/she is at home with me; no, he/she is at home with other adult; other).
Transport for short trips 2 When making short trips (less than 1/2 mile) alone/with child, what form of transport do you usually use (public transport; car; walking; bicycling; other).
  1. 1. PA = physical activity; TV = television; PC = personal computer.
  2. 2. The questionnaire also included questions on demographic variables, parental weight status, and parental physical activity and sedentary behaviour but these were not included in the analyses for this paper.