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Table 1 Key Questions of the Questionnaire used in research and its codification

From: Neighborhood and physical activities of Portuguese adolescents

Questions cod
1 - Are you boy or girl? a) Boy; b) Girl
2 - Wich school grade do you attend? a)6th, b) 8th; c) 10th
13 - Over the past seven days, on how many days were you physically active for a total of at least 60 minutes per day? from 0 days to 7 days
73 - Outside of school, during your free time, how often do exercise or sports activities enough to keep the wheezing breath and sweating? a) Every day b) 4 to 6 times/week. c) 2 to 3 times/week. d) 1 time/week, and) 1 time per month f) less than 1 time per month; g ) never
76 - What sports practice or practices during the last 6 months on a regular basis and outside of school physical education (at least 1 hour, twice a week)? a) Soccer b) Basketball c) Gymnastics d) Volleyball e) Swimming, f) Cycling/Mountain Biking; g) Handball h) Athletics
97) Read the sentences below and notes about what you think regarding the place where you live:
a) Do people get along well and speak to each other?
b) Is it safe for children to play in the street during the day?
c) Can you trust the people of the area?
d) Are there good places to spend your free time?
e) Are there many places for entertainment in the evening?
f) Is there often violence and theft?
g) Is it a beautiful area?
h) Is it an isolated area?
i) Do you have good public services (health center, youth center, etc.)?
a) Yes; b) No