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Table 3 Cognitive problems with responding to IPAQ identified during the cognitive interviews (n = 41)

From: What do IPAQ questions mean to older adults? Lessons from cognitive interviews

Themes Activities most affected
Problems with understanding  
Reporting activities of a "normal" or "average" week VPA, MPA, walking
Confusion with usual and on one of those days being used together VPA, MPA, walking
Including activities that lasted <10 minutes per session VPA, MPA, walking
Problems with performing the primary task  
Not understanding what activities fit within the scope of a question* VPA, MPA, walking, sitting
Reporting the same activities for more than one activity domain* VPA, MPA, walking
Including the total time of an activity for which only a part of that time was at the intensity specified in the question VPA, MPA, walking
Difficulty with determining frequency** VPA, MPA, walking
Difficulty with determining duration** VPA, MPA, walking, sitting
Problems with response formatting  
Confusion with how to use open-ended response format VPA, MPA, walking, sitting
  1. *See Table 2 for the activities reported for each activity type.
  2. **See Table 4 for the strategies used to make the estimate.