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Table 4 Strategies participants used for determining frequency and duration of their activities

From: What do IPAQ questions mean to older adults? Lessons from cognitive interviews

Strategies Activities most affected
For determining frequency  
Count the number of days the activity was done in the previous week VPA, MPA, walking
Subtract the number of days that the activity was not done in the previous week from 7 days* VPA, MPA, walking
Report the specific or minimum number of days the activity was performed in a "normal" or "average" week VPA, MPA, walking
Estimate or guess based on a "normal" or "average" week MPA, walking
Report the activity was done daily because it was required as part of living MPA, walking
For determining duration  
Sum duration of activities of the previous week, and then average across the days the physical activity was done VPA, MPA, walking, sitting
Sum duration of the activity that was done the most often during the previous week* VPA, MPA, walking
Estimate average time spent sitting during a typical day in a "normal" or "average" week Sitting
Estimate the proportion of a typical day spent sitting in a "normal" or "average" week Sitting
Subtract from 24 hours the time spent sleeping and doing other types of activities in a "normal" or "average" week, to arrive at time spent sitting Sitting
Sum minimum or maximum amount of time spent doing the activity on a typical day in a "normal" or "average" week* VPA, MPA, walking
Select a particular day from the previous week (e.g., the easiest day to remember, the most enjoyable day, the day that the most activity was performed) and use one of the following strategies to compute time on that day VPA, MPA, walking, sitting
   • Recall typical duration of the activity VPA, MPA, walking
   • Guess the duration MPA, walking, sitting
   • Recall typical duration of some activities and guess the duration of others MPA, walking, sitting
Combine two or more strategies because time in some activities is known and time in other activities is not known VPA, MPA, walking, sitting
Do not provide an answer because unable to develop a strategy to answer question Walking, sitting
  1. *A strategy reported by only a few participants