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Table 2 Neighbourhoods represented in the interview study

From: Shoe leather epidemiology: active travel and transport infrastructure in the urban landscape

Neighbourhood Characteristics Participant numbers
Laurieston and Eglinton A busy, noisy urban environment containing two major arterial roads, which the new motorway will cross on viaducts very close to some residential properties P1, P11, P12
North east Govanhill Close to feeder roads for a new motorway junction, but adjacent to the only section of the route which will run in a cutting P4, P6
Rutherglen A town centre in its own right with a mixture of traditional and modern housing close to the route, whose main street is predicted to experience substantial traffic reduction after the motorway opens P2, P5, P7, P9, P10
Farme Cross A satellite of Rutherglen on the north side of the route with a new, comparatively affluent private housing development which will be close to a new motorway junction P3, P8