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Table 3 Topic guide for interviews

From: Shoe leather epidemiology: active travel and transport infrastructure in the urban landscape

Theme Prompts
Introduction Explain purpose of research project
  Explain audio recording procedures
  Ensure participant has copy of information sheet
  Complete both copies of consent form
  Offer £10 for participating
Review questionnaire data  
Mapping task Mark home
  Name local area and discuss boundaries
  Identify locations of key local amenities (shops, school, park, health centre...)
  Discuss routes for typical local journeys (and whether made on foot, by car...)
Living in the area What do you like about living in the local area?
  What do you not like about living in the local area?
  What do you think of this area as a place to bring up children?
  Is there anything you would like to change about the local area?
  Environmental themes to be used as prompts if necessary:
  • Aesthetics (pleasant to walk, attractive surroundings...)
  • Green space (parks, in general...)
  • Convenience (of routes for walking and cycling)
  • Access to amenities (shops, public transport...)
  • Traffic (quantity, disturbance...)
  • Road danger (for pedestrians and cyclists)
  • Personal danger (of attack, after dark...)
M74 Do you know about the plan to build the new motorway?
  Explain briefly if necessary
  How do you think that will affect your local area?
  How do you think that will affect you and your household?
Close Thanks for participating