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Table 2 Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale (PACES) 18-items

From: Measuring enjoyment of physical activity in older adults: invariance of the physical activity enjoyment scale (paces) across groups and time

# Item
1 I enjoy it; I hate it
2 I feel bored; I feel interested
3 I dislike it; I like it
4 I find it pleasurable; I find it unpleasurable
5 I am very absorbed in this activity; I am not at all absorbed in this activity
6 It's no fun at all; It's a lot of fun
7 I find it energizing; I find it tiring
8 It makes me depressed; It makes me happy
9 It's very pleasant; It's very unpleasant
10 I feel good physically while doing it; I feel bad physically while doing it
11 It's very invigorating; It's not at all invigorating
12 I am very frustrated by it; I am not at all frustrated by it
13 It's very gratifying; It's not at all gratifying
14 It's very exhilarating; It's not at all exhilarating
15 It's not at all stimulating; It's very stimulating
16 It gives me a strong sense of accomplishment; It does not give me any sense of accomplishment
17 It's very refreshing; It's not at all refreshing
18 I felt as though I would rather be doing something else; I felt as though there was nothing else I would rather be doing