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Table 1 Description of family and home environment variables

From: Family and home correlates of children's physical activity in a multi-ethnic population: the cross-sectional child heart and health study in england (CHASE)

Variable Description and coding
Socioeconomic status (SES) Based on mother's or father's occupation (depending on who is highest) using SOC 2000 coding [24]. Divided into three categories: low/medium/high.
Car ownership Family car ownership. Coding: yes/no.
Number of parents Number of parents reported as living in the household. Coding: two/less than two (the latter category included the 1% of participants who reported living with neither parent).
Number of siblings Number of siblings reported living in the household. Coding: 0/1/2/≥3.
Household density Total number of people reported living in the household divided by the number of bedrooms reported in the house.
Family PA encouragement Sum of responses (yes/no) to 2 questions about whether family members encourage the child to do physical activity and tell the child that physical activity is good for their health. Based on distribution of responses, dichotomised into high (answered yes to both questions) or low.
Family PA support Sum of responses (yes/no) to 3 questions about whether family members take the child somewhere to do physical activity, watch the child participate in physical activity and do physical activity with the child. Score range 0-3.1
Pets Whether or not child has a pet at home. Coding: yes/no.
Garden Whether or not child has a garden at home (any outdoor space attached to the home, either for private use or shared with neighbours). Coding: yes/no.
Internet access Whether or not child has access to the internet at home. Coding: yes/no.
Cable TV Whether or not child has cable television at home. Coding: yes/no.
  1. 1. Participants with only one answer missing had this answer imputed with 'no'; this was done for 1.5% of participants. Participants with 2 or more answers missing were coded as missing for this variable.