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Table 3 Internal reliability of the CEBQ.

From: Obesity related eating behaviour patterns in Swedish preschool children and association with age, gender, relative weight and parental weight - factorial validation of the Children's Eating Behaviour Questionnaire

  Alt 1. According to our factor analysisa) Alt 2. According to original factor structureb)
  Cronbach's alpha Average inter-item corr. Cronbach's alpha Average inter-item corr.
Overeating (EOE/FR) 0.82 0.37 0.79 0.32
   Food responsiveness (FR) 0.75 0.43 0.69 0.34
   Emotional overeating (EOE) 0.70 0.41   
Enjoyment of food (EF) 0.89 0.62 0.87 0.64
Desire to drink (DD) 0.80 0.59   
Satiety responsiveness (SR) 0.71 0.39 0.74 0.38
Slowness in eating (SE) 0.75 0.53 0.68 0.38
Emotional undereating (EUE) 0.82 0.55   
Food fussiness (FF) 0.90 0.63   
  1. a) Items are included in each factor as given by the result of our factor analysis (see Table 2)
  2. b) Items are included in each factor according to the original structure.
  3. Results only presented for factors that differ in comparison to alternative 1.
  4. - The item 'Even if my child is full up s/he finds room to eat his/her favourite food' is included in the EOE/FR and FR factors
  5. - The item 'My child has a big appetite' is included in the SR factor and excluded from the EF factor
  6. - The item 'My child eats more and more slowly during the course of a meal' is included in the SE factor