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Table 4 Correlations between child self-reporteda and parent-reportedb psychosocial, environmental scales and physical activity and screen-based behaviors (only significant values are shown)

From: Reliability and validity of psychosocial and environmental correlates measures of physical activity and screen-based behaviors among Chinese children in Hong Kong

  MVPA Screen time
Self-efficacya 0.25*  
Home PA environmenta 0.14*  
Peer support for PAa 0.25*  
Family support for PAa   -0.22*
Parental role modeling of TVb   0.12#
  1. PA: physical activity; MVPA: moderate-to-vigorous PA; TV: television
  2. Only variables significantly correlated to either MVPA or screen time are presented.
  3. * P < 0.05; # P = 0.053