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Table 5 Linear regression coefficient (β) of percentage of adults with underweight or excess weight in the Primary Sample Units regressed on terciles of Dietary diversity score (DDS)

From: Household food diversity and nutritional status among adults in Brazil

  Without adjustments Model 1* Model 2†
  β p-value β p-value β p-value
Frequency (%) of adult with underweight in the PSU -0.45 0.01 -0.45 0.01 -0.38 0.04
Frequency (%) of adults with excess weight in the PSU 1.52 0.003 0.89 0.08 0.98 0.05
  1. Brazil - urban area, 2002-2003.
  2. *Model 1: Adjusted for the number of individuals in the PSU, the percentage of households in each PSU with children or elderly member, PSUs' mean age of the head of the family and PSU's per capita acquisition of sugar, sweets, sugar-sweetened beverages, and crackers, cookies and cakes
  3. †Model 2: Model 1 + mean per capita household income in each PSU