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Table 3 Sex-stratified models showing odds ratios (OR)* and 95% confidence intervals (95%CI) of the association between average steps within the respondent's grade, distance to nearest relatives house from home, and achievement of pedometer-based cut-points

From: A cross-sectional study of the individual, social, and built environmental correlates of pedometer-based physical activity among elementary school children

   Achieving the pedometer-based cut-points
   Boys (n = 424) Girls (n = 503)
Variables OR 95%CI OR 95%CI
Average steps within grade (in 500 step increments)   1.43 1.27, 1.60Φ 1.23 1.14, 1.33Φ
Distance to nearest relatives house from home* >10 minute walk 0.44 0.22, 0.86 Φ 1.69 0.98, 2.90
  ≤10 minute walk Ref.    
  1. * Adjusted for all built environmental, social environmental, socioeconomic, demographic, and behavioral correlates presented in Table 2
  2. Φ p < 0.05. Ref.: reference category