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Table 6 Combined clustered linear regressions* between the proportion active (MVPA) and playground attribute

From: Features and amenities of school playgrounds: A direct observation study of utilization and physical activity levels outside of school time

  Proportion Active (MVPA), Beta Coefficients (95% CI)
Playground Attributes Boys, N = 99
Overall safety -0.30 (-0.97, 0.37)
Presence of benches 0.004 (-0.267, 0.275)
Coverage/shade for resting features 0.04 (-0.07, 0.16)
  1. Significant results (p < .05) represented in bold.
  2. * Adjusted for the for the significant playground attributes, population of children 17 and under in the census tract of the school, total number of free recreational centers & pools within a .75 mile network distance of schoolyards, count of parks within a .75 mile network distance of schoolyards and schoolyard renovation status
  3. MVPA = Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity. CI = Confidence Interval.