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Table 1 Number and percentage of participants achieving Balance of Good Health (BOGH) criteria

From: Maternal feeding behaviour and young children's dietary quality: A cross-sectional study of socially disadvantaged mothers of two-year old children using the Theory of Planned Behaviour

BOGH Criterion Achieved n = % Notes
Eats 2 or more portions of bread, other cereals and potatoes daily 203 68 Includes breakfast cereals, rice and pasta
Eats 2 or more portions of fruit or vegetables daily 184 61 Includes all types (frozen, fresh), excluding pulses (see below). Fruit juice can only contribute one portion a day maximum.
Eats one or more portions of dairy products daily 300 100 All milk including cow, goat, soya, etc
Eats one or more portions of meat, fish or alternatives daily 272 91 Includes both processed and non-processed food. Includes pulses
Eats no more than two high fat or high sugar snacks daily 104 34 Includes sweets, chocolate, crisps, savoury snacks
Achieves all five of above 45 15  
Achieves four of above 70 23