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Table 2 ActiGraph activity counts during each OSRAC-P activity intensity level

From: Feasibility and validity of accelerometer measurements to assess physical activity in toddlers

OSRAC-P activity intensity level ActiGraph activity counts/15 s
  Median IQR
Stationary and motionless to stationary with movement of limbs or trunk behavior (sedentary behavior; n = 2125 observation intervals) 10 0 - 69
Slow, easy movement (light physical activity; n = 1531 observation intervals) 100 29 - 230
Moderate to fast movement (moderate-to-vigorous physical activity; n = 562 observation intervals) 229 104 - 385
  1. OSRAC-P, Observational System for Recording Physical Activity in Children-Preschool; IQR, interquartile range