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Table 3 Matrix of performance objectives and determinants for 'Take Action'

From: Evidence, theory and context - using intervention mapping to develop a school-based intervention to prevent obesity in children

   Personal Determinants External Determinants
Performance Objectives Knowledge/
Self-efficacy Self-awareness Taste Familiarity Preference Perceived norms Family support, Modelling Reinforcement Availability
Reflect own snacking and leisure choices
38Identifies unhealthy snacks in diet and sedentary leisure choices
39Compares to guideline
40Shows confidence in ability to assess own behaviour 41Completes 2 day food record
42Completes 24 hour activity record
   43Receives reinforcement from parents and teachers
44Sees peers evaluate snacking and activity choices
Set goals and make changes
45Knows role of goal setting in helping to change behaviours
46Knows goals need to be SMART
47Writes 3 SMART goals
48Knows range of strategies to help achieve goals
49Identifies personal strategies to help achieve goals
50Shows confidence in ability to make small changes    51Perceives peers are making changes 52Receives reinforcement from parents and family 53Increases in the availability and accessibility of healthy snacks and drinks at home
54Increases in active leisure opportunities at home