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Table 7 Provides example quotations supporting a selection of performance objectives for teachers, children and their families

From: Evidence, theory and context - using intervention mapping to develop a school-based intervention to prevent obesity in children

Performance Objective Illustrative quotes
Year 5 teachers need to see that the programme is feasible and acceptable to them and their children and does not substantially increase their workload 'I really appreciated you giving me all the lesson plans and resources and that they linked to the National Curriculum. I found them easy to follow''
'I knew the drama would work well with our children'
'The parents evening did increase my workload a bit but I thought it was worthwhile'
Class teachers need to be enthused by the programme and develop their understanding and appreciation of the issues 'I enjoyed observing the children in the drama sessions as I saw what a great impact it had on my class'
'The project inspired me as I saw what a positive effect it was having on the children with statements'
'It was good for us to have to teach the PSHE lessons as this helped me to understand what the project was about'
The methods of delivery need to enthuse children so that they discuss messages with their parents and are motivated to seek family support to make small and simple lifestyle changes '[Name] talked a lot about the project. She loved the Chiefs and dance visit despite not being coordinated!'
'The project encouraged [Name] to become interested in cooking and preparing food.'
'[Name] plays an active part in choosing healthy options when we shop'
Children need to be able to select feasible, active alternatives to sedentary activities 'Since moving house, [Name] no longer cycles to school but he realised he misses it so he is now going to cycle to school again even though he has further to go now. It has come from him and that it good'
'[Name] has definitely increased her activity and chooses this option instead of TV'
Parents/families need to make changes 'I buy more fruit and veg '
'We do more activity as a family now'
'I try to make her packed lunches more healthy and interesting'
'We will only buy brown or wholemeal bread now'