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Table 5 Studies that have attempted to set steps/day cut points in adults relative to time spent in MVPA or energy expended

From: How many steps/day are enough? for adults

First Author Sample Characteristics Instrument Monitoring Frame Analytical Strategy Findings
Tudor-Locke [48]
27 men, 25 women
university community
38.2 ± 12.0 years
Yamax SW-200, Yamax Corporation, Tokyo, Japan;
CSA 7164 Version 2.2, Computer Science Applications, Inc., Shalimar, FL
7 days Mean steps/day associated with the step/day quartile distribution in which participants accumulated an average of 30 min/day accelerometer-determined MVPA 8,000 steps/day corresponded with accumulating 30 minutes of MVPA
people taking > 12,500 took more moderate and vigorous activity than any other group
Miller [50]
74 men, 111 women
workplace employees
18 to 75 years
Yamax SW 700;
Active Australia questionnaire
7 days Steps/day equivalent to 150+ minutes/week self-reported MVPA Those who met guidelines averaged 9,547 ± 2,655 steps/day
Behrens [51]
18 men, 18 women
college students
23.3 ± 3.1 years
Digi-walker (Model DW-200, Yamax, Tokyo, Japan)
Actigraph 7164, Manufacturing Technology Incorporated, Fort Walton Beach, FL
7 days Steps/day related to 30+ minutes of accelerometer-determined moderate physical activity 11,822 steps/day
Jordan [52]
111 postmenopausal women
intervention participants
45-75 years
Accusplit Eagle 120 (AE 120) 7 days Steps/day associated with attaining prescribed and verified exercise equivalent to 120-150 min/week or 8kcal/kg/week EE 3-4 days of 10,000 steps/day met energy expenditure guidelines for the week
or approximately 7300 steps/day (imputed from reported data)
Macfarlane [53]
30 men, 19 women
apparently healthy
15 to 55 years
SW-700, Yamax Corporation., Tokyo, Japan
MTI 7164, MTI Actigraph, Fort Walton Beach, FL
Tritrac RT3, Stayhealthy INC., Monrovia, CA Heart rate monitor, Team system, Polar OY, Finland
7 days Selected 25th percentile of steps/day distribution; examined sensitivity/specificity of achieving 30 minutes MVPA measured by various instruments 8,000 steps/day
Tudor-Locke [83]
1781 men, 1963 women;
NHANES participants (nationally representative);
20 to 85+ years
ActiGraph AM-7164; censored data to approximate pedometer outputs 7 days Step-defined activity category where at least 30 minutes of MVPA was accumulated Men who took 7,500-9,999 steps/day accumulated 38 minutes MVPA; women who achieved 10,000-12,499 steps/day accumulated 36 minutes of MVPA (women who achieved 7,500-9,999 steps/day accumulated 25 minutes of MVPA