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Table 8 Summary table of results showing relation between sedentary behaviour and academic achievement

From: Systematic review of sedentary behaviour and health indicators in school-aged children and youth

Type of Study Number of Studies Number of participants Narrative recommendation and main findings
RCT 0   
Longitudinal 3 3530 Watching > 1 hr of TV per day is associated with attention difficulties.
Intervention 0   
Cross sectional 32 157637 > 2 hrs of screen time per day resulted in lower academic achievement.
Intervention 0   
Total of all studies 35 161167 > 2 hrs of screen time per day is negatively associated with academic achievement.
Dose-response relation between time spent playing video games, watching TV and using the computer (for non-academic purposes). > 3 hrs/day associated with poor school performance and lower I.Q. scores.
Mean Downs and Black score = 19.1 (± 2.1), Level 3 evidence.