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Table 1 Feasibility evaluation of the physical activity (PA) counseling procedure

From: Is intensive counseling in maternity care feasible and effective in promoting physical activity among women at risk for gestational diabetes? Secondary analysis of a cluster randomized NELLI study in Finland

Component and indicator Evaluation method
Self-reported occurrence of adverse events1) during and immediately after PA in INT2) and UC3) Elicited by the nurses from all the participants during booster visits at 16–18, 22–24, 32–34 and 36–37 weeks’ gestation:
Have you had any of the following symptoms after the previous visit?
List of warning symptoms1) and response alternatives per each symptom: 1 = No, 2 = Sometimes, 3 = Often.
Have you had these symptoms during or immediately after physical activity?
1 = No, 2 = Yes, which symptoms? ___________________
The first question has been reported previously [37]. The latter question was used in this study to indicate adverse events during and immediately after PA.
Realization of counseling in INT 2)  
Timing of the PA counseling sessions A specific space was provided in the counseling manual for the nurses to enter weeks’ gestation regarding each counseling session in INT.
Duration of the PA counseling sessions A specific space was provided in the counseling manual for the nurses to enter the time when each counseling session started and ended.
Number of PA counseling sessions missed Nurses’ notes in the counseling manual under the session in question indicated that the session was completed. No notes indicated a missed session.
Attendance to physical activity thematic meetings4) Participation lists of the instructors.
Applicability of counseling in INT 2)  
Applicability of the PA counseling sessions to routine maternity visits viewed by the nurses. A 5-point scale in a structured form used in interviewing the nurses by telephone after the study (1 = inapplicable … 5 = very applicable).
  1. 1) Nausea, vaginal bleeding, painful contractions, dizziness, dyspnea, headache, chest pain, profound fatigue or weakness and calf pain or swelling classified as warning signs to terminate exercise during pregnancy [3, 4].
  2. 2) Intensified PA counseling, intervention group.
  3. 3) Conventional PA counseling, usual care group.
  4. 4) Participation in all and in at least 3 of the total 5 meetings.