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Table 2 Standardized solutions for hypothesized relationships between intervention, mediators and behavioural outcome for different groups a

From: Explaining the effects of a point-of-purchase nutrition-information intervention in university canteens: a structural equation modelling analysis

Construct Path Construct People with low knowledge and high intention (n = 70) People with high knowledge and high intention (n = 44) Total sample (n = 220) b
Liking of information A Use of information 0.58 0.90 0.59
Liking of information B Effect on attitude 0.31   0.29
Use of information C Effect on attitude    0.19
Objective understanding of information D Use of information   0.38  
Use of information E Effect on energy intake   0.46  
Subjective understanding of information F Use of information   −0.27  
Objective understanding of information G Subjective understanding of information 0.28   0.20
Subjective understanding of information H Effect on energy intake    −0.18
Subjective understanding of information I Effect on subjective knowledge    0.17
Use of information J Effect on subjective knowledge    0.24
Effect on attitude K Effect on energy intake   0.41  
  1. aOnly paths with at least one significant coefficient in any of the three models are included.
  2. bFour individuals were removed from the sample because of incomplete information, leaving a final sample of 220 valid cases.