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Table 1 Price weights used for valuation of resource use, per visit unless otherwise mentioned

From: Economic evaluation of a weight control program with e-mail and telephone counseling among overweight employees: a randomized controlled trial

Type of utilization Price weight a
Health care  
Counseling (minute) 1.14
Primary care  
General practitioner 20.44b, c
Occupational physician 21.50
Physical therapist 23.02
Dietitian 30.12
Dentist 17.47
Complementary therapists 23.51 – 63.95d
Other primary care 23.02 – 77.51b, d
Secondary care  
Outpatient 56.66
Admission general hospital (day) 340.99
Production losses  
Sick leave (hour) 20.31 – 48.39b, e
  1. a Euros, corrected to the year 2004. b Dutch standard costs[22] c Price for consultation at the practice; d Range of price weights for different therapists, obtained from professional organizations; e Range of possible price weights for sick leave, depending on age and sex.