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Table 1 Sedentary and physical activities conducted in the laboratory

From: Examining the validity of the ActivPAL monitor in measuring posture and ambulatory movement in children

Posture Activity
Sitting Reading
  Watching television
  Playing computer games
Sitting Semi-prone Watching television
Standing Drawing on a whiteboard
  Playing computer games
Walking Treadmilla
Running Treadmillc
Activity Patterns Sit-Walk-Stand- Draw-Walk back-Sit
  Stand-Walk- Pick up stationery-Walk back-Sit-Draw
  Sit-Stand-Walk-Sit on the floor
  1. aSlow (50 m.min-1), normal (66 m.min-1), fast (93 m.min-1) walking.
  2. bSelf-selected slow, normal, fast walking.
  3. cRunning (133 m.min-1).
  4. dSelf-selected running.