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Table 6 Population attributable risk and the potential for intervention of the correlates of active transportation to school

From: Multi-level examination of correlates of active transportation to school among youth living within 1 mile of their school

Characteristic PAR Potential to intervene How to intervene
Individual Characteristics
Female gender 7.1% High Safe walking programs directed towards females
Not living with both parents 2.8% Low  
Low family SES (< very well off) 8.8% Low  
Cars in household (1 or more) 10.8% Low  
Low perceived neighborhood safety 2.3% High Determine what makes a neighborhood feel safe and direct intervention towards these factors
Neighborhood Characteristics
% of roads with sidewalks (> quartile 1) 9.5% High Construction of sidewalks on roads that have none
Total length of roads (> quartile 1) 6.9% High Building new schools in areas with more streets; or increasing multi-use trails
No problem with vacant or shabby housing 10.4% Low Improve the aesthetics of neighborhoods where children live
Low average temperature (quartile 1) 16.6% Low  
High total rain (quartiles 3 and 4) 9.8% Low  
High number of hot days (> quartile 1) 16.1% Low  
  1. RR = Relative Risk, PAR = Population Attributable Risk.