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Table 2 Reasons given for non-consent at Stage 2 ( n =823)

From: Recruiting and engaging new mothers in nutrition research studies: lessons from the Australian NOURISH randomised controlled trial

Reason Frequency a
Time 531
Returned to work and/or study 243
No longer interested 159
Transport 149
Do not need advice on feeding 106
Family poor health 24
Other 19
Maternal poor health 19
Temporarily unavailable for sessions 15
Issues with intervention intensity/delivery/follow-up 11
Other significant carer does not support participation 9
Family issues 8
Current or recent participant in another research study 5
  1. a 823/855 (93%) of non-consenters provided at least one reason; 46% respondents provided more than one reason; no data were available for the 511 who could not be contacted at Stage 2.