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Table 1 Examples of participant’s language-to-text translation when instructed to type a SMS to a friend about a MobileMums-related topic

From: Iterative development of MobileMums: a physical activity intervention for women with young children

Verbal instructions to write SMS Exact SMS that participant typed on her phone
· Get your friend to come to a walking group with you. The walking group is at Apex Park on Tuesday at 9 am. Let them know there is childcare too. · Walking group @ Apex 9 am tues childcare for free
· Do you want 2 join a walking group at apex park on tues at 9 am
· Hey darl can u cum ta walking thing on Tues at 9 starts at apex
· Tell your friend that exercise can help her lose weight and reduce her stress levels. · Hi Julie, exercise helps you lose weight and reduce stress. Wendy
· Jen u cn lose fat n stress less if u exercs
· Kerry if u exerc u dont get fat and stress
· Get your friend to ask her partner to look after the kids so you can go for a walk together. · Hi Jill, ask Greg to look after the kids so we can go for a walk. Sally
· Go 4 walk 2 day? get gav 2 look after kids
  · Hey I was wondering if use arnt doing anything would brad mind the kids while we go for a walk and catch up.