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Table 2 Summary of regression output for the relationship between fourth-grade children's body mass index (BMI) and participation in school-provided meals for Model 2Aa (n = 785 children) and Model 2Ba (n = 1,496 children)

From: How accurate are parental responses concerning their fourth-grade children's school-meal participation, and what is the relationship between children's body mass index and school-meal participation based on parental responses?

  Breakfast participation (based on parental responses) Lunch participation (based on parental responses) Age Sex Race Study
  Estimate (p value)
BMI-Model 2A 0.674 kg/m2
-1.417 kg/m2
0.066 kg/m2
0.539 kg/m2
0.957 kg/m2
χ2 = 1.30
BMI-Model 2B 0.410 kg/m2
N/A 0.081 kg/m2
(< 0.001)
0.199 kg/m2
0.945 kg/m2
(< 0.001)
χ2 = 8.96
  1. a Model 2A included breakfast participation and lunch participation using parental response data from the two studies that asked about both usual breakfast participation and usual lunch participation. Model 2B included breakfast participation (but not lunch participation) using parental response data from all four studies.