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Table 2 Average Cluster and Statement Ratings by Food Desert Status

From: Do residents of food deserts express different food buying preferences compared to residents of food oases? A mixed-methods analysis

Cluster Name and Statements (Statement ID Number) Influences Food Buying Practices   Cluster Name and Statements (Statement ID Number) Influences Food Buying Practices  
  Food Desert Food Oasis   Food Desert Food Oasis
Taste (147) High High Freshness (70) High High
Knowing how to cook (94) High High Cost (35) High High
How food is prepared (82) High High What your needs are (159) High High
Personal health (116) High High Appearance of food (11) High High
Portion size (118) High High Quality (123) High High
Food preparation time (66) High High Food handling (63) High High
High cholesterol (78) High High Labels (95) High High
Ingredients in food (91) High High Quantity of items (124) High High
Texture of food (150) High High Preference (119) High High
More health conscious (107) High High How food is stored (83) High High
Eating balanced meals (54) High High Seasonings I need to cook with (132) High High
Nutritional content (111) High High How much I can carry (84) High High
Natural food (108) Moderate High Making food stretch (102) High High
A lot of sodium in foods (1) Moderate High Samples (128) Moderate High
Fat content (62) High High The cost of eating healthy makes me buy less (151) Moderate High
Sugar content (144) High High Farmer’s markets (61) High High
Diet (43) High High Buy in bulk (21) Moderate High
Calorie intake (25) High High Freezer space (69) Moderate High
What foods make you tired (157) Moderate High Cook large quantities and eat for the week (33) High High
Losing weight (98) High High Able to cook large quantities to last a few days (5) Moderate High
Healthy eating is too difficult (77) Moderate High Family-sized packages (60) Moderate High
Organic foods (113) Moderate High Grocery lists (74) High Moderate
Genetically modified foods (72) Moderate Moderate Cheaper to cook than eat at fast food restaurants (29) High Moderate
Modify prepared foods so healthier (105) Moderate Moderate Variety of prepared food (154) Moderate Moderate
Break down large quantities into smaller servings (19) High Moderate Able to buy ethnic foods (3) Low Moderate
Make your own foods instead of foods in a jar (101) Moderate Moderate Shop everyday to have fresh food (134) Low Moderate
Use of food with medications (153) High Moderate Buy packaged food and jazz it up (22) Moderate Moderate
Processed foods (120) Low Moderate Make weekly menus (100) Moderate Moderate
Microwaveable foods (103) Moderate Moderate    
Supplement cooked food with restaurant food (145) Moderate Moderate    
Supplement cooked food with restaurant food (145) Moderate Moderate    
TIME FACTORS Moderate Moderate SPECIAL OCCASIONS Moderate Moderate
Food recalls (67) High High Lifestyle (96) High High
Expiration date (57) High High Family upbringing (59) Moderate High
Household preference (80) Moderate High Family influence (58) Moderate High
Season (131) Moderate High Loss of appetite (99) Moderate High
Food Industry (64) High Moderate Mood swings (106) Moderate High
Television (148) Moderate Moderate Guests/Company (75) Moderate High
Word of mouth (163) Moderate Moderate Special occasions (139) Moderate High
Pets need to eat (117) Moderate Moderate Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry (48) Moderate High
Easier to buy at fast food restaurants (51) Low Moderate Participation in research studies (115) High High
A treat is eating at a high end restaurant (2) Low Moderate Cravings (38) Moderate Moderate
    Temptation (149) Moderate Moderate
    Cooking fatigue (34) Moderate Moderate
    Depression (42) Moderate Moderate
    Easier to buy ready-made food (52) Low Moderate
    Social circles (138) Moderate Moderate
    Eating at restaurants make me buy less at stores (53) Low Moderate
    Anxiety (10) Moderate Moderate
    Short lunch period, so I eat fast foods (137) Low Moderate
Inflation (90) High High Income (89) High High
Amount of money you have to spend (8) High High Education (55) High High
Being overcharged repeatedly (17) High High When you get your Social Security check (161) High High
Schedule (130) High High Food pantries (65) Moderate High
Rodents are common around food (126) High High Household composition (79) Moderate High
Bad experiences (14) Moderate High Dollar menus (47) Moderate High
Weather (155) High Moderate Minimum purchase required for using certain payment (104) Moderate High
No one-stop shopping in “the hood” (110) Moderate Moderate When you get food stamps (160) Moderate Moderate
Buy 2 get $1 off can be a trick (20) Moderate Moderate Professional recommendation (121) Moderate Moderate
Items without a price tag (92) Low Moderate Brand names (18) Moderate Moderate
Cheaper foods in the suburbs (28) Moderate Moderate Impulse (88) Moderate Moderate
Customers get into fights (41) Moderate Moderate Anticipating what food pantry will distribute (9) Moderate Moderate
Crime (39) High Moderate Overwhelmed by options (114) Moderate Moderate
Gypsy cabs (76) Low Moderate Food trucks on the side of the road have fresh and cheap food (68) Moderate Moderate
Celebrity endorsements (27) Low Moderate Country where food is made (36) Low Moderate
Fuel perks (71) Moderate Moderate Shopping when tired (135) Low Moderate
Cab fare (24) Moderate Moderate    
Shopping with kids or grandkids (136) Low Low    
Child care at the store (30) Low Low    
Ease of theft (50) Low Low    
Can steal under $250 without being arrested (26) Low Low    
Store crowding (142) High High Good sanitation at the meat counter (73) High High
Store cleanliness (141) High High Availability of food (12) High High
Double coupons (49) High High Discount card (45) High High
T-Accessible (146) Moderate High Bargains (16) High High
Distance (46) High High Sales (127) High High
What stores are near where I live (158) High High Know what to buy at different stores (93) High High
Scent of store (129) High High How neat the store is (86)   
Store hours (143) High High One-stop shopping (112) Moderate High
Transportation (152) High High Coupons (37) High High
Enough cashiers (56) High High Convenience (32) High High
Reputation of store (125) High High Where gift cards are for (162) High High
Customer service (40) High High How much time I have to shop (85) High High
Availability of sale items (13) High High What can fit in the shopping cart (156) Moderate High
How comfortable you feel at the store (81) High High Amount gift cards are for (7) High High
Different locations have different prices and selection (44) High High    
Long lines (97) Moderate High    
Neighborhood of the store (109) Moderate High    
Circulars (31) High Moderate    
Advertisements (6) Moderate Moderate    
Stop & Shop and Shaw’s have different departments (140) Moderate Moderate    
How well you know the layout of the store (87) High Moderate    
Promotions (122) High Moderate    
Self check-out (133) Moderate Moderate    
Bag your own groceries (15) Low Moderate    
Buying grocery bags (23) Low Low    
Able to buy religious foods (4) Low Low    
  1. Note: The 163 statements are presented within their clusters (capitalized and bolded) and the parenthetical numbers refer to the actual statement number and can be used to link the table information to Figure 1. The numbers do not have any substantive meaning. Ratings represent how strongly each statement influences food buying practices. Ratings between 1.29-2.50 are designated low, 2.51-3.72 designated moderate and 3.73-4.93 designated high.