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Table 4 Association of child and parental background variables with pattern scores

From: Clustering of energy balance-related behaviors in 5-year-old children: Lifestyle patterns and their longitudinal association with weight status development in early childhood

    Standardized regression coefficient ( β )
    Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Pattern 4
Child Gender (female vs. male) −0.04* a a −0.05*
Maternal Educational level (high vs. medium) −0.11*** a a a
   (low vs. medium) 0.14*** a a a
  Work (hours per week) a −0.07** −0.20*** a
  BMI (kg/m²) 0.07** a a a
Paternal Educational level (high vs. medium) −0.11*** −0.05* −0.07** a
   (low vs. medium) 0.03 −0.06* 0.00 a
  BMI (kg/m²) a 0.06** a a
  1. Notes: BMI, body mass index. Results of backward regression analyses with pattern scores as dependent variable. All analyses were adjusted for recruitment group (alternative vs. conventional lifestyle).
  2. Variables excluded from all four final models were birth weight and BMI z-score of the child; mother’s country of birth; father’s working hours and country of birth.
  3. Pattern 1: Television–Snacking pattern.
  4. Pattern 2: Sports–Computer pattern.
  5. Pattern 3: Traditional Family pattern.
  6. Pattern 4: ‘Fast’ Food pattern.
  7. a Variable not included in the final model.
  8. * p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01; *** p < 0.001.