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Table 1 Examples of actions of the healthy food supply intervention phase

From: Effects of a healthy food supply intervention in a military setting: positive changes in cereal, fat and sugar containing foods

Apparent quantitatively measurable actions Less-visible actions to improve quality of food supply
Garrison refectories Garrison refectories
Serving fruit (apples and oranges) cut into slices instead of whole ones Eliminating all usage of butter except in one traditional meat dish
Stopping serving sugar-sweetened juice at all meals Replacing white pasta and rice with dark fiber-rich varieties
Increasing serving selection of fiber-rich bread such as rye bread Adding bran to porridges
Soldier's home cafeterias Soldier's home cafeterias
Replacing normal and big bags of sweets by small ones and dried fruit near cashier Converting white bread dough of own bakery into more fiber-rich by adding e.g. bran, seeds
Including fresh vegetables in all sandwich, bun etc. fillings Replacing sandwich fillings from fatty meat e.g. sausage to lean meat cuts
Developing small sweet pastries to be sold Replacing full-fat yoghurt by fat-free alternatives