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Table 1 Overview of activities in the water campaign and regular health promotion programme

From: Effects of an intervention aimed at reducing the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages in primary school children: a controlled trial

Activities Aimed at Water campaign Regular programme
Three physical education lessons per week by professional physical education teacher Children
School sport clubs Children
Education in choosing healthy food and sports Children & parents
School dietician Children & parents
Annual height and weight measurements (for BMI tracking) and fittest Children & parents
Additional non-compulsory play and sports activities outside school hours Children
Special event: water campaign kick-off ‘Drinking water is fun!’ Children & parents  
Use of promotional material: posters ‘Water is the best thing I can give to my child!’ Children & parents  
Activity Children & parents  
For children: Pimp up your water bottle   
For parents: Pimp up your water jug   
Provision of free water bottles by community organizations during summer activities Children  
Provision of free water at school throughout the day Children  
Taking a water break during physical education lessons; parents responsible for giving the child his/her water bottle to school Children & parents  
Water theme week, including activities Children & parents  
For children: special educational water lessons, fun games such as happy families, board and card games involving water consumption, and a special water show provided by children’s role models    
For parents: storytelling about promoting water consumption, different fun games involving water consumption and other aspects of water, including a water magazine for mothers; and promotion by water ambassadors